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I prayed.

I never was afraid.

Your hope you gave.

Saying I came your way to save.

Gave me all the confidence.

The confidence which now hangs.

On a candy stick.

Waiting on the flies and devil to cuddle and lick.

You came.

I fell for your game.

The game you played with two hearts.

I thought you said I won.

You announced that i won the game of hearts.

I closed one of my eyes for a split of a second.

Just two days.

And you are all over the heart I thought you dumped.

The heart that didn’t care.

The heart I thought you had detached for mine.

I didn’t know mine was for rent.

I would have known the kind of game I was going for.

I would have planned before tossing the coin.

But I have learnt.

A man is supposed to.

In this night of mine I shall light my path.

It’s not too late for a man to restart.

I’ll continue with my zeal in church.

I’ll live like you never passed by.

I’m no widower.

I won’t live my life pining away.

I’m no widower.

I’m young

I’m no widower.

I just got out of the game of hearts

I played.

I lost.

QuOfI aDjEi.



I wonder how I arrived at this guys.


wpid-a5b2a07d963e61dbfb9142ea702aefc5.jpgWhen my breath seizes
And when my nose no longer sneezes.
When my flesh permanently freezes
And my face no longer pleases
Brothers!! Sisters!! Loved ones!!
Never worry
Cos I won’t be gone
I will be the rays of the sun piercing your louvres And unto your faces.
I will be in the air you breathe in
and the wind that blows around you and within
My seat will be in the canals of your ears
Whispering and squeeking into you the good
Clearing and pushing out the bad counsel
It’ill be the wax that comes out of your ears
When you are cold, I’ll be your “shiverer”.
When you feel the heat, I’ll clean your sweat
When you are lonely, I’ll be your cat and pet
My soul with my body will not wither
Never cry after I’m gone
Cos I won’t be gone

When my day of judgement…

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Many mighty days track us
And walk us down the aisle of demise nd destruction
Days where no pillar is firm enough to support us
When those we call family turn their lousy backs on us
And leave us nothing but pain and paralysis in our soul’s kind spines and feet
But we should not let defeat engulf the whole spirit
Let us stay in love and collective self esteem
Let our hearts and eyes coincide in a vision of a “oneday”
The soon coming day when the heat of the sun shall be washed by the wet winds
The good shall brainwash us of their horrific sins
The new shall swallow all olds
And we’ll possess all we wish for in infinite folds

Horrible days may hold your head firmly under water and  try to cease your breathe
Leaving you helpless and lifeless to everyone and thing

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The four cardinal points meet at cross roads in my head.

My blood flows in reverse.

My feet walk backwards.

I speak a foreign tongue I’ve never heard.

The wolf in me has turned mild.

He has no jaw now.

The wrong shadow follows him.

He’s so lost in his own kingdom.

The faces he sees now look new.

Look! In his own land he’s now a sojourner.

He limps badly and cries sadly.

He needs hard rum and bandages on his wound or he dies.

He needs his long dead mother or he faints into the sleep of death.

He needs a strong hand in his weak paws.

Or he slips and never rises.

He who saves should do so now.

Or I perish into thin air.

He who loves should do so now.

Or I drown in the stream of indifference.

He who cares should show it now.

Or I quickly fade into the dark hue of loneliness.

Know that I may survive this storm.

But the new dragon that hatches out of me would be nothing an eye has ever seen

He shall rule those of high and low places with no mercy!

He shall breathe poisonous steam and deadly fire!

He shall crush you all with his index finger!

O’ someone be quick to bring the lost, weary wolf home.

Be quick about it.


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Wake up from your deep sleep of comfort.

And see me looking right through you.

I’m in a pit so deep.

You don’t have a hand but two.

But all you do is steal glances at me from your free world.

Doing totally nothing about my deep love for you.

My hands and heart are wide open.

But you feel too big to fit in.

You are a joy I can’t reach.

The code I can’t decipher.

You hold a lantern so bright and loud.

Swaying and swinging your arms and chest on the other end.

I am locked and shackled in my cage.

Total darkness pierces the eyes of my soul.

It hurts that you struck my last match against my heart.

But you managed to light your fire on the other side of the mountain.

With the spoon and cup of something that looked like love, you fed me.

And lured me into a sleep nearer to death.

I just woke up trapped in a cave.

The cave you sealed on your own.

I can’t reach you.

I can’t read you.

Now my heart has surpassed its margin of tolerance.

My long outstretched arm has fallen.

My heart has stopped being incontinent.

You’ve broken my boundaries for too long.

I’ll withdraw and fly my heart further into my blue skies until I find the true sun of a man.

One whose beams will be gentle on my feeble head and skin.

One who will warm my heart even after the deepest ends of time.



In my darkest deep you shone.

My inner man did you call from his hiding spot.

From my flesh which belongs to this cunning, slippery world.

Lord! From my comforts was I handpicked.

Handpicked not into a calling below.

But into a calling mightier than the armies above and below.

A calling that cuts sharper than valerian steel.

A calling no ear resists.

O’ Lord I am yours to take.

My life is yours to make.

from my deepest sleep will I wake.

Forever shall i live and die for your sake.

For the higher realm I live.

For the higher calling i heed.

To thee my all i give.

I shall forever follow your  never wavering lead.



THANATOPHOBIA (Fear of death)

The old waits upon him with their arms open wide.

They’ve seen it all.

All what the world can give and take.

Their children’s children.

The rises and falls.

The realities and illusions.

The captured paintings of joy and pain.

Their bodies have become immune to death’s hand.

But death approaches them like a bride.

He walks in half steps towards them.

He seldom chooses them.

He loves those who fear him.

He picks up on the thanatophobic and make them think his arm is so near.

What a bully!

He feeds on the young and tender;

It is they who haven’t seen anything of this world yet and are afraid of him.

He feeds on breadwinners;

It is they, people look up to, and are afraid of him.

He feels no remorse after taking away a weaning mother.

He has no conscience.

No traces of eros.

Death doesn’t take worthless people.

He loves to haunt the thoughts of philanthropists;

It is they who fear to leave half of their work on earth uncompleted.

The rich swim in riches.

But the thoughts of them dying pierces and perforates their craniums.

Look! He sits back and laughs as he observes a father standing over a mother’s coffin.

Staring wide-eyed.

In his big arms are twins swaddled in black cloths.

He stands behind them and basks his cold lips in laughter.

The father is more scared than sad.

The thoughts of him dying sooner keeps popping up.

Hey!! Show no signs of thanatophobia.

We shall all depart from this dusty place of a world.

Oblivion is truly inevitable.

So pick all the beautiful shells you can find at the shores of life.

No one knows when death knocks.

Should he come earlier, face him.

He might pass by.

Should he come later welcome him.

We shall one day all walk with him down the death avenue anyway.